Tri Community Nursing Center Chooses Cervey’s LTC EHR

Rural Louisiana Nursing Home Adopts EHR, Improves Workflow And Staff Productivity

Tri-Community Nursing Center was faced with moving from paper to electronic health records in order to comply with state requirements. Located in the rural Louisiana village of Palmetto, the nursing center needed a system that would give their staff tools to improve workflow and improve resident care.

Lisa Gaspard, the LVN responsible for admissions and MDS, says, “We had been considering moving to an EHR because the state was urging us to, but we were also looking for a system that would help our staff be more productive. We are a close-knit community and it’s important we take care of our loyal and stable staff.”

Tri-Community Nursing Center Challenges

For Gaspard, their previous software system was difficult to use. Not being able to easily access important information made her job challenging. For instance, she had to open multiple screens to access nurses’ notes, weights and other clinical information. She says, “There were too many steps and clicks to get basic information. I often had 10 or more screens open at a time and it was hard to keep track of my original screen.”

Another issue Tri-Community has is that in their rural area, internet service is poor and often inaccessible. So, it was important that they were able to maintain the system on their own servers without relying on the internet. Customer support was another challenge. “As an independent nursing home, we sometimes don’t get as much attention as centers that are part of a corporate chain. So, it was important we found a vendor that was willing and able to provide timely support so our operations can continue smoothly.”

The Right Long Term Care EHR Solution for Tri-Community Nursing Center

Tri-Community needed a robust EHR that could handle the demands of a busy nursing center but was easy to work with. They needed timely support and a vendor that was willing to adjust to their needs. After carefully evaluating multiple EHR systems, they chose Cervey’s EHR solution.

Core reasons Tri-Community chose the Cervey EHR:

  • Easier access to important clinical information
  • Improved user experience, fewer clicks
  • High quality and timely customer support
  • Willingness to modify reports and create custom reports

Undeniable Results for Tri-Community Nursing Center

After the switch, Tri-Community was in a much better place than before. “I love the relationship we have with Cervey’s support team. Usually when we call the 800-support line, we get an immediate response from a real person that can help us. It feels like they have an interest in our success,” says Gaspard. They also have avoided the bureaucracy that is common among other EHRs to get things done, such as custom changes. Gaspard says, “I appreciate that they will accommodate our request for changes to existing reports or develop custom reports to meet our needs. They are even willing to make changes to the program where it makes sense.”

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