Long-Term Care EHR

Innovative EHR Software for Long-Term & Post-Acute Care

Cervey’s Long-Term Care EHR solution is a fully electronic health records (EHR) system designed specifically for long-term care and skilled nursing facilities.

The innovative features and functionality help solve regulatory and management complexities of both independent operators and multi-facility companies. After all, Cervey is dedicated to solving the issues you care about.

Product Benefits

Easily view medication orders, refill with one click, integrate non-med orders, sign off on patient orders and notify providers, easily access and enter notes, display active PRNs, and copy PRN results to nurses’ notes.

Customize admissions packets and checklists for new admits, full AR electronic billing, extensive selection of reports, batch invoicing and trust fund entries, and automatically populate GL transactions from AR and AP.

Control drug spend with pharmacy claims reconciliation that ensures ordered drugs are compliant with formulary agreement. Pre-admission analysis accurately predicts medication costs.

Customizable MDS dashboards featuring appointments, room charges, payor status, CMGs, resources needed and preventative maintenance, then communicate via internal messaging.

Consolidate resident vitals and data in one place, display patient allergies and DX codes, add status changes like payer and room, set customizable alerts and clinical reports.

Customize CNA and daily nurse charting by resident, draft detailed care plans, view MDS status, document incidents and ensure compliance.

Facility Management

• Compliant regulatory documentation

• Reimbursement and financial planning

• Quality assurance processes

• Accurate assessments

• Electronic charting

• Electronic health records

• Medication tracking

• Comprehensive care plans

• Part A pharmacy claims reconciliation

Long-Term Care Advantages

  • Custodial Care and High-level Rehab experience
  • Easy Software Implementation
  • Customizable reporting capabilities
  • Personal Responsive Support
  • Understanding of customer issues like temporary staffing, onboarding and permanent hiring
  • Control Part A drug spend with national pharmacy providers and independents.

Service, not just software

Cervey’s Long-Term Care customer support is always there. Our superior customer service is unmatched, with customer support available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our team is always available to support your success.

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