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Long Term Care EHR

An all-encompassing EHR solution for better nursing home management

Cervey's Long Term Care EHR solution is a fully electronic health records (EHR) system designed specifically for nursing home and long-term care facilities and the pharmacies that serve them.

The solution supports all aspects of LTC operations, including admissions, clinical, financial and nonprofit functions.


View important information at a glance

on customizable MDS dashboards that show status of payor, bed holds, room changes, CMGs and assessments by resident.

Keep up with appointments

and the resources needed for them.

Communicate residents' needs

quickly and easily via internal messaging.

Keep up with work orders

for maintenance, and track preventive maintenance on your facility's equipment.


Consolidate all resident vitals

and demographic data in one place.

Display patients' photos

allergies and DX codes, as well as drug images and warnings.

Add status changes

including payor type assignments, room changes, etc.

Set customizable alerts

for values outside the normal range. Quickly enter weights for multiple residents at once. Generate resident and clinical reports for multiple needs.

eMAR and Physician Orders

Easily view all medication orders

for the past 7, 14 or 30 days for each resident, including times due, sign-offs and unsigned orders. Reorder medications with one click.

Integrate non-medication orders

including TARs, diets, labs and vitals.

Sign off on patient orders with one click

and directly notify physicians, pharmacies or service providers. Access and enter nurse's and shift notes.

Display only active PRNs

or signable orders, and copy PRN results to nurses' notes.

Nurse and CNA Charting, Care Plans and MDS

Customize CNA and daily nurse charting

for each resident, including general ADL, vitals, activities and more to maximize CMGs. Quickly and easily draft detailed care plans.

View MDS sections status

and access residents' information without leaving the MDS.

Document all incidents

with alerts for follow-ups, including infection reporting to ensure compliance.

Admissions and Administration

Customize admissions packets

and checklists to ensure all steps are completed and all paperwork is provided to new admits.

View AR billing

quickly and easily, and generate multiple reports.

Batch invoices

for quick entry and posting. Get an outstanding invoice listing with one click. Process and customize checks.

Automatically populate GL transactions

from AR to AP entries.

Batch trust fund entries

for quick recordkeeping and reporting of resident funds.

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