Enhanced DSCSA requirements have gone into effect! While the FDA has delayed enforcement of certain requirements until Nov. 27, 2024, it is imperative to adopt the new requirements as soon as possible to ensure compliance. Tracker helps you handle these changes with ease, ensuring secure and interoperable product exchange, product verification and product tracing. View full FDA Guidance here.

Changes are here! Is your pharmacy prepared for enforcement of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act?

Updates to DSCSA regulations now demand adherence to a single, secure electronic database for dispensers. Our trusted DSCSA solution, Tracker, not only satisfies all requirements, but also simplifies compliance for pharmacies purchasing medications from multiple sources.

Our user-friendly interface enables pharmacies to efficiently track and trace all product with confidence, offering seamless integration with existing systems – giving you DSCSA peace of mind.


Product Benefits

Validate product and data match

Receive serialized EPCIS data in an interoperable manner

Streamline expired drug management

Track borrow and loan transactions with Authorized Trading Partners (ATPs)

Manage EPCIS errors and exceptions

Navigate and manage data with simplified reporting

Easily quarantine product and auto-populate Form 3911

Optimize drug recall identification and processing

Harness scanning technology for product information, receiving and verification

Access seamless API integration


Safegaurd your operations for USP 800

Ready to take your pharmacy operations to the next level?​

Has your pharmacy established its policies and procedures?

Tracker Policies and Procedures

Elevate your pharmacy’s compliance strategy with our customizable template of policies and procedures. Designed to empower pharmacies of every size, we provide your pharmacy with a compliance blueprint.  

And we don’t stop there.

Our commitment to your success extends to personalized assistance from our expert team, who are on hand to guide you through customizing and implementing your compliance plan. With our hands-on support, we ensure your policies and procedures are not just documents, but actionable strategies to fit the unique needs of your pharmacy.

Contact us to learn more.

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