Passport is a Patient Assistance Program (PAP) software that guides staff through the application process by helping hospitals and clinics manage manufacturer PAP applications for patients, capture drug data from the facility’s own information systems,  and automatically identifies patients who are candidates for PAP programs, guiding staff through the application process.

Product Benefits

Optimize revenue recovery

Automatically identify all eligible patients and medications.

Access an extensive database

Extensive PAP programs and related program requirements are available to you.

Process in high-volume

Leverage our robust software for high-volume outpatient pharmacies. Our health system customers capture millions of dollars a year in drug recovery. Configure our software to meet institutional needs.

PAP drug inventory

Stay on top of your PAP drug inventory
with an advanced tool for inventory tracking.

Automate data collection

Integrate with your clinical and financial systems to collect data automatically.

Improve your efficiency

Cervey’s Passport integrates patient, drug, PAP and physician data to optimize workflow.

Streamline signature capture

With our proven tools and software, you can streamline the steps of capturing the signatures from patients and physicians.

Stay HIPPA compliant

with our secure data management platform.

Ready to take your pharmacy operations to the next level?​

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