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340B ReferralNAV helps you accelerate your 340B program. Our comprehensive Referral Capture solution goes the extra mile – and not only identifies potential savings, but with the help of our dedicated team of referral experts, we validate those opportunities and turn them into real savings. 


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Referral capture can lead to big results when it comes to the success of your 340B program. So why don’t more covered entities incorporate referral capture into their 340B program’s? It can be a heavy lift. 

Most referral capture solutions only help covered entities identify opportunities. That’s what sets 340B ReferralNAV apart. With our solution, we’re with you every step of the way – from opportunity to real savings.

With 340B ReferralNAV, it’s no risk. All reward. You only pay a percentage of your 340B Referral Prescription net savings. There are no flat fees and no penalties. We’re committed to your success. Period. 

How It works

1. Connect

We’ll set up a kickoff call with our dedicated referral capture team. Together, you’ll work to identify prescribers being utilized as a referral source.

2. Identify Opportunities

Our team will analyze potential contract pharmacies for referral success. We’ll work with you to build a Referral Patient Definition.

3. Validate Referrals

Our team works to confirm viable savings opportunities, cross-checking the referral in your EMR, confirming return referral visit documentation, and going so far as working with prescriber offices to obtain missing documents when applicable.

4. Validate Referrals

You only pay when savings are realized. Your success is our success!

5. Maintain Audit Readiness

We ensure proper documentation is uploaded into your portal to support 340B-eligible referral claims. This creates a transparent audit trail for compliance. Remote HRSA & Consultant Audit Support is guaranteed.

Eligible referral ReqUIREMENTS

Patient encounter

The patient encounter occurs at an eligible covered entity site, involving an employed or contracted provider.

Consult note

A consult note from the referred specialist summarizes the provided care is required.

Patient health record

In the patient’s health record, there is evidence of a specialist referral.

Supervision of care

The CE demonstrates supervision of the patient’s care, keeping all documentation at the CE site

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