340B SplitNAV

340B SplitNAV solution is a powerful split-billing compliance tool, equipping covered entities to manage their 340B virtual inventory with ease. Our software is infinitely flexible – tailored to fit your unique challenges and simplify your 340B operations.

Product Benefits

Empower buyers.

With split preview, you can view critical cost-saving information prior to order transmission and:

  • view how your order will split to each purchasing account, all on one page.
  • be alerted to critical savings opportunities with alternative accumulations.
  • be notified to items nearing a full package, so you can make more informed purchase decisions.
  • prevent sizable WAC losses before it’s too late.
Quickly identify high-impact WAC losses.

Use detailed management reports to spot significant WAC (Wholesale Acquisition Cost) losses with a high impact to your program.

Capture compound drug savings.

340B SplitNAV’s special tracking feature accumulates all unique ingredients in compounded drugs and piggybacks.

Optimize self-audits.

Perform in-depth data review to ensure compliance, and store and track self-audit history with 340B SplitNAV’s robust set of tools and wide range of search parameters. Access the complete audit trail from a single page where audit data is transparently presented and available for download.

Call someone. Get someone.

With Cervey, there’s no ticketing system – just real customer support, 24/7. And there’s no gatekeeping. Our customers have access to our entire team of 340B ACE certified experts, and are given a dedicated 340B account manager. 

Easily Manage NDCs.

Our solution makes it easy to manage NDCs from your HER, accepting an indicator that differentiates scanned vs. non-scanned items to ensure the proper NDC is accumulated. Charge code maintenance is automated by linking items to the appropriate NDC based on purchase history.

Maintain a "crosswalk."

Link charge codes to NDCs, view outpatient and inpatient accumulator categories, edit billing units to align with your billing system, and review all dispensed doses – all within your crosswalk.

View daily savings reports.

Compare the actual price paid with the same-day GPO price. Our solution provides a complete picture of your total savings by fully accounting for all 340B and WAC purchase savings and loss effects.

Harness flexibility.

Our developers are in-house, which means our software is never out-of-the-box. We can tailor your solution to your unique needs and easily accommodate the latest 340B regulations.


Compliance Module

Cervey’s Compliance Module produces all the documentation and reports required for a HRSA audit at the click of a button. It stores Covered Entity documents including Policy and Procedures, Medicare Cost Report and other files such as 340B Universe and/or employee roles. The crosswalk management tool allows user to create crosswalk of locations and purchasing accounts from usage data/accounts to Medicare Cost Report to HRSA registration identification number (340B ID).

Group Dashboard

Cervey’s Group Dashboard provides a financial and operation view across your health system – all in one page –including 340B savings tracking, WAC losses, financial trends and maintenance statistics.

Ready to take your pharmacy operations to the next level?

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